There were two Methodist Chapels in Bevois Town, reflecting the divisions in Methodism that continued through the nineteenth century until Methodist Union in 1933.
The Wesleyan Chapel was situated on the triangle of land between Bevois Valley Road and Peterborough Road. It was built in 1861 and substantially enlarged in 1906.
The Primitive Methodist Chapel was just up the road in Liverpool Street, near the junction with Mordaunt Road. It was built in 1867, and finally closed in June 1960. This chapel was badly damaged in the Southampton Blitz, 30 November 1940, leaving only the schoolroom at the back suitable for use.
Worship continued at the old Wesleyan Church through the war, but it was Bevois Town (Liverpool Street) which survived into the 1960s.
The larger and more difficult to maintain Bevois Town (Bevois Valley) was closed in 1950, and the building sold in 1952 for use as a furniture warehouse. It was purchased by the Sikh community in 1971 and converted to a Sikh temple.
Bevois Town (Liverpool Street) reopened for worship in 1953, and became simply Bevois Town Methodist Church. It was purchased by the Jewish Community in 1961 and what had been the Mordaunt Hall became the Jewish synagogue in Mordaunt Road.

Bevois Town Wesleyan Methodist Church

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Photograph, 1941

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