Back Lane, Highfield


Bag Row

Bailey Green


Baker, Thomas

Balloon, the

Balmoral Terrace

Bance, Edward

Banister's Court

Bank of England

Banqueting House

Baptists (Early Chapels)

Barbeflete Family

Barber, Gilbert


Barclay's Bank, 171 High Street


Bargate Police Station

Bargate Street


Barling's Buildings and Court

Barlow and Ellyet Homes

Barnfield, Millbrook Road

Barnfield, Weston lane

Baronald, Millbrook Road

Barry's Court

Bars of Hampton

Basque Children, 1937

Bassett and Bassett Green

Bassett House

Bates Court

Bath Terrace

Baths and Bathing Stations ( Spa Period)

Battenberg House

Battyd Acre

Beach Cottage, Oxford Street

Beak, Daniel Marcus

Bear Inn

Bealing's Nurseries

Beating the Bounds

'Beauchamp's Career'

Beaulieu Cellar

Beavis, Cornelius Wood

Beavis Treat

Beckett, Joe

Beckford Place and Terrace

Bedford Car

Bedford Cottage, 55 Bedford Place

Bedford Hotel

Bedford House, 77 Bedford Place

Bedford Mews

Bedford Place

Bedford Road

Bedford Terrace

Beehive Buildings and Beehive Court

Beehives' Gutter

Behan, Thomas Lawrence

Bell, Martin

Bell Street and Bell Court

Bell System School

Bell's Buildings

Bell's Coppice

Bell's Court


Bellevue House

Bellvue Place

Bellevue Street

Bellona Terrace

Belmont House, Belmont Place and Belmont Villa

Belvidere Congregational Chapel

Belvidere Street and Terrace

Belvidere Shipyard

Bemister's Yard

Bencraft, Sir Henry William Russell

Benham, Thomas

Benham's Farm


Bennett, William Sterndale

Benwell's Buildings

Berkeley Hotel

Bernard Street


Berry’s Buildings

Beste, Richard

Betts Lane and Terrace

Bevis, Sir of Hampton

Bevois Hill House

Bevois Mansions

Bevois Mount

Bevois Mount Brewery

Bevois Mount Terrace

Bevois Place

Bevois Street

Bevois Terrace

Bevois Tomb

Bevois Town

Bevois Town Methodist Chapel

Bevois Valley

Bible Christians

Bican Stapol

Bicker-Caarten, Delmar

Biddle’s Gate and Quay

Bill, the

Bird, Sir James

Bird, Marian

Birmingham Street


Bitterne Baptist Church

Bitterne Brewery

Bitterne Congregational Church

Bitterne Court

Bitterne Drill Hall

Bitterne Grove

Bitterne House

Bitterne Junior School

Bitterne Library

Bitterne Lion

Bitterne Lodge

Bitterne Manor Farm

Bitterne Manor House

Bitterne Methodist Church

Bitterne Park

Bitterne Park Baptist Church

Bitterne Park Congregational Church

Bitterne Park Methodist Church

Bitterne Railway Station

Bitterne Recreation Ground

Bitterne Reservoir

Bitterne Road

Bitterne Road, no. 602

Bitterne View

Black Bear Inn

Black Death

Black Dogg Inn

Black History in Southampton

Blackberry Mount


Bladon Lodge

Blair, David

Blankboles Hill

Blechynden and Blechynden Station

Bleckley, George Walters

Blenheim House

Blessing the Waters

Bligh, Sir Richard Rodney

Blighmont House

Blitz, The

Blue Anchor Gate and Lane

Blue Boar Inn

Blue Ribbon Terrace

Blue Plaques and Memorial Plaques

Bokland (or Bocland)

Bondownes, the

Books of Remembrance

Boscowen, HMS

Botanic Gardens

Botany Bay

Botleris Corner

Bottrell's Conduit

Boundary Brook and Boundary Hall

Boundary Stones

Bounds of the Borough


Bowden-Smith, Richard

Bowling Alley

Bowling Green

Bowling Green House

Bowyer, William Bohun

Brade Croft

Bradway (Broadway)

Braggery's Lane

Brain, Henry Charles

Brampton Towers

Brannon, Philip

Brazier and Sons

Breton, Peter

Brewers' Tower

Brewhouse Court and Brewhouse Lane

Brewhouse Court and Place, Northam

Brick Court

Brickmaker, Town

Bridell, Frederick Lee

Bridell Lodge


Bridge Court

Bridge Place

Bridge Road

Bridge Street

Bridgefield House

Brighton Terrace

Brikstewoldes Land (and variants)

Brinton, George Simon

British American Tobacco

British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC)

British School

Briton Street

Broad Lane

Broad Street

Broadway Cinema


Broker Lane

Brooke Terrace

Brookfield, William Henry

Brooklyn Road

Brooks, Daniel

Brookvale Road

Brookvale Stream

Broomfield Court

Brown, Lancelot 'Capability'

Brownlow House

Brown’s Buildings

Brown’s Court

Brown’s Farm

Brunswick House

Brunswick Place

Brunswick Square

Brutalist Architecture

Buchan, Henry

Buckland Terrace

Bugle Hall

Bugle House

Bugle Street

Bugle Terrace

Bugle Tower

Bulehouse, La

Bull, Joseph and Sons

Bull Ring

Bull Street Gate

Bull's Buildings

Bull's Head Inn, French Street

Bullar Family


Bungalow Cafe

Burgess Road Library

Burgess Street (Burgess Road)

Burgess Street Farm

Burgess, Lawrence A


Burnaby, Colonel Frederick Gustavus

Burlstone Cross

Bursledon Road

Burton Place and Terrace

Butchers' Shambles (and Meat Markets)

Butts, the

Bynedon, Thomas De

Byri Hyrne (‘The burh corner’)


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