All were named after the Battle of the Alma (1854), one of the first battles of the Crimean War (1853-57). It was a popular choice for new street names in the years following the war (as were Inkerman and Balaclava, the other major battles of the war) and there were many instances of the name in the town and surrounding suburbs. Many of the names were changed to avoid duplication when the suburbs were incorporated into the borough.
Alma Place
A house on the east side of Portswood Road just north of the junction with Bowden Lane. It is shown and named on the OS 1:2500 map (1867)
Alma Road
1) A former name for Burgess Road.
2) A former name for Almatade Road in Bitterne.
3) Now runs from the Avenue, near the south east corner of the Common to Portswood Road. Originally it only ran from the Avenue to Cambridge Road, but was then extended through the Spear Hall estate to Portswood.
4) A 19th century name for what is now Almond Road in Portswood.
5) Until the 1920s, the name of what is now Florence Road in Woolston.
Alma Terrace
1) A 19th century name for a terrace on the north side of Avenue Road near the west end.
2) A terrace formerly on north side of Millbrook Road west of Foundry Lane in Freemantle.


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