Albion Chapel was built by a breakaway group from the Above Bar Congregational Church in 1848 on a site provided by William Lankester, a local iron founder. Before the new church was built, the congregation used the old South Hants Infirmary building for their services. The Town Map of 1845-46 shows the chapel in the old infirmary building. The new chapel was a fine spacious building with a classical pediment and what the Reverend Sylvester Davies called “a most useful clock”. It was situated on the east side of St Mary Street midway between Cumberland Street and Coleman Street. It was closed as a church in 1935 and demolished in the 1970s.

1. Albion Chapel

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Photograph of the chapel, 1941

2. Albion Chapel

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A 19th century print of the chapel.

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Further reading:

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