Abbott, William

Above Bar and Above Bar Street

Above Bar Church.

Above Bar Congregational Chapel

Above Bar Fair

Abraham, Abraham

Abraham, Sir Edward

Abraham, Captain Henry

Ace, Benedict

Achards Bridge, Achards Cross and Achards Spring

Acre Gate

Adam and Eve

Adam's Passage

Adkins, Thomas

Admiralty House

Admiralty Jurisdiction

Air Raids, World War 2

African Caribbean Centre

Albert, Prince: Statue of

Albert College

Albert Place

Albert Road

Albert Street

Albert Terrace

Albion Chapel

Albion Place

Albion Stairs (or Steps)

Albion Terrace

Alderley Terrace


Aldermoor and Aldermoor House

Alessandro House

Alexandra College

Alexandra Picture House

Alexandra Terrace

Alford, Walter

Alfred Place


All Hallows Church, Midanbury

All Saints Church, High Street

All Saints Church, Millbrook

All Saints Mission Church, Bassett

All Saints Place

Allen's Cottages

Alliance Place

Alma Place, Road and Terrace


Alston Villa, Portsmouth Road

Altitude 250

Alum Cellar

Amey's Laundry

Amoy Street

Amoy Villas

Ampthill Lodge

Anchor Hotel, Redbridge

Anderson's Terrace

Andover Terrace

Andre House

Andrews, Richard

Andrews' Bazaar and Carriage Manufactory

Andrews' Monument

Andrews' Park

Angel Inn, Bitterne High Street

Anglesea Place

Anglesea Terrace

Anspach, Margravine of; Anspach House and Anspach Place

Antelope Cricket Ground

Antelope Hotel

Antelope Mews

Anton River

Apsey House

Aquila Airways


Arcade, The

Archers Lodge

Archery Gardens, Grove and Road, Woolston

Arches, Weston Lane

Argyle House, Swift Road, Woolston

Argyle Terrace

Arlington Lodge

Armorer's Tower

Artesian Well

Arthur, Alexander and Rebecca

Arthur, Alfred

Arundel Tower

Arundel Tower Hotel

Arundel Towers, Portland Terrace

Ashby, Robert Claude and Ashby Hall


Ashtown Villa

Ashley Terrace

Aslatt's Coach Factory

Aslatt's Cut

Assembly Rooms

Asylum Green

Atherfield Cottages

Atherley Cinema

Atherley Family

Atherley School

Audit House

Aungel, Le

Austen, Jane

Avondale House

Avenue, the

Avenue Congregational Church

Avenue Hall

Avenue House

Avenue Place

Avenue Road



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